A business consulting method that helps you earn more work from customers or business stakeholders.

All our services use an unique model to leverage our proprietary business consulting method. In our unique model, we will take responsibility for business results. This means you get huge value for money. We will train your teams in a business consulting method and this creates sustainable capability for you. In addition, we will work in implementing the method along with your own team thus ensuring we deliver immediate and measurable business results.


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For IT & BPM firms

  • Build domain consulting skills in your teams by training them on using the BBITS method in your own, unique environment
  • Create your own IP, methods and accelerators that you can brand
  • Involve and work with your sales and delivery teams in identifying right prospects and opportunities
  • Work with your teams in creating collateral for pitches and marketing efforts
  • Work with your teams in winning and applying skills on two business consulting projects including AGILE projects

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For GCCs

  • Train and work with your business consultants to implement the training on critical high impact and AGILE projects of the parent right from inception
  • Create reusable business artefacts that can be used to attract new clients, services and for accelerating business projects
  • Create and harvest domain knowledge from existing applications and processes
  • Integrate operations and technology teams by creating a shared view of the domain and critical needs of sponsors
  • Generate new ideas by using the BBITS method and using systematic processes to identify improvements and changes
  • Create a method that can become an “innovation from India” – shared across the globe


For Corporates

  • Assess maturity levels of your current business-technology interface processes
  • Identify and train core team on required business-technology interface processes
  • Guide and help your core team in creating required deliverables
  • Work with your team on applying new skills, methods on key business projects
  • Reduce friction between business and technology teams by creating a shared understanding of critical interface processes