Specialised focus to bridge business and technology

We are BBITS Consulting, a specialised consulting firm to help you bridge business and technology using a proprietary method.

We help companies bridge business and technology projects by building business domain intensive business project consulting skills and capability in your firm. This consulting capability is based on demonstrated methods that create and leverage

in-depth domain knowledge

accelerators and IP

This business project consulting capability boosts your image and your share of customer work. 

BBITS Consulting works with IT & BPM service providers, corporates and Global Capability Centers. We train your in-house teams and help them deliver ‘domain rich assets’ that can be used for:

attracting new clients

generating new ideas or

for offering new services to existing customers

The new capability helps you deliver more business projects FASTER and BETTER with same or fewer resources. You will demonstrate in-depth domain knowledge that can be used in the early stages of a business project, before involving technology teams for scoping or deciding on a technology project. Some of your business consulting projects may also help Business Sponsors in evaluating and deciding business case before committing budgets to business and technology projects.

Our training and delivery services are focused around the BBITS method. The BBITS method is not a generic management consulting method, but is firmly rooted to bridge business and technology. The BBITS method is a set of

✓ techniques

✓ templates and

✓ processes

that analyse, organise and communicate the essence of business domain using simple, easy to understand models and artefacts. The training in the BBITS method helps in using the artifacts in a systematic step-by-step approach to translate business needs of sponsors to properly scoped business solutions, well defined architecture and phased technology or process implementation. You can easily work upstream at business program level and also derive substantial benefits of reuse with these models and artifacts. The end products produced using the BBITS method enable your teams of domain experts/industry SMEs to become true business consultants, advisers and partners to business sponsors.  You help business sponsors make high quality, more informed decisions early in the cycle. This method has been developed over a number of years from real-life challenges, hands-on experiences and insights.

Our model is founded on the fundamental belief of developing capability in-house in your organization. This model of working with your in-house teams and ensuring skill & know-how transfer to your own teams ensures that the benefits of IP creation and the reusable models are truly sustainable and industrialized within your organization. In addition, this approach of skill transfer to your teams ensures active buy-in, ownership and positive participation from your teams. In effect, BBITS Consulting becomes an ‘Asset Multiplier’ for you. These assets can be leveraged by your up-skilled teams to speed up business programs, improve your brand image and recognition as truly capable domain consultants, advisors and partners for critical and transformational business programs and initiatives. See Services to see how your company can benefit from us.

bridge business and technology

The person who helps you bridge business and technology

Ravi Bommakanti is a business leader with hands-on experience in business and technology and is passionate about Business Analysis and Business Projects. Over the years, he created an impact in varied roles in IT service and Consulting firms around the world.

He was a COO for a group of business units that exceeded $1bn in revenue. He was also the head of multiple industry vertical and horizontal business units. His last corporate role was in Capgemini.

You can checkout his LinkedIn profile at  https://in.linkedin.com/in/rbommakanti