1 1 Business Project Consulting Skills for Technology firms to boost your image

http://tomtwomeyseries.org/event/meeting-climate-change-challenges-a-coastal-community-perspective/ How we boost your image and help you earn more work with Business Project Consulting Skills

Business Project Consulting Skills help you increase your share of work from customers. As budgets move away from CIOs to CXOs, we help you address these two key questions from your customers or business stakeholders.

Misoprostol online cheap QUESTION 1: http://mitchellsgarage.net/?author=21 "You are working with me for so long on Technology projects. How are you adding value to me with domain knowledge ?"

QUESTION 2: "How do I know you can go beyond the CIOs office? Can you work directly with business sponsors on critical projects ?"

CXOs in core business functions are now driving transformation and digitisation of businesses. Business Sponsors in these CXO offices need help in making key decisions on critical business projects. We build business project consulting skills in your teams. These skills help you win business consulting projects that you can execute faster and better in 90 days or less with the added benefit of winning downstream technology projects as well. In addition, comprehensive and clear understanding of business priorities, decisions and scope ensure success in AGILE projects.

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Image for Business Consulting Skills

For IT & BPM Companies

If you are struggling to win business, we help you boost your image, share of customer work by building domain consulting skills in your teams to work with business sponsors on high impact projects including critical AGILE projects. You also get off the RFP treadmill by creating content proactively for RFPs before the RFP is issued.

For GICs

If you are struggling to demonstrate domain expertise to your parent, we help you build domain consulting skills in your teams to deliver business projects faster and better. We help you demonstrate concrete evidence of domain expertise by working with your teams at the inception of business projects with senior business sponsors.

Image for Business Consulting Skills
Image for Business Consulting Skills

For Corporates

If you are struggling with too many business changes and very little time to implement, we help you analyse business sponsor projects, prioritise and scope them clearly. High impact Business projects will be executed faster and better with fewer resources. Communication between business and technology teams will be simpler, easier.

Next steps....

If you would like to learn more about our services, we offer a free 2 hour introductory, interactive workshop for your Business Analysts, Business Consultants and Domain experts. We introduce your team to the innovative techniques and ensure your team explores and learns at least one new technique that opens up exciting new possibilities of increasing your share of customer wins and work.

Please write to us at ravi@bbitsconsulting.com, if you want to know more about this free workshop.

You can also check out details of our services here.