We offer Online Business Analysis Training courses for individuals.

Our online courses are mostly private courses, offered to select individuals who are serious and committed to learn and apply skills immediately on their projects. Two courses we offer are:

Critical Business Analysis Model - with a mission of helping you learn the essence of any new business domain in two weeks or less.

Essential Business Analysis Skills - 3 powerful techniques that will transform a senior business analyst into an expert business consultant capable of working with senior business sponsors on high impact business projects.

Please write to info@bbitsconsulting.com for more information.

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An online business analysis training course to help you Excel!

This self- help course helps you reach full potential in your existing role and guides  Business Analysts / Technology professionals to build core, critical skills for career progress.

You will learn how to:

  1. assess for yourself where you are and what is your real role
  2. whether you are heading towards problems or success
  3. the root causes for your problems and
  4. how to fix problems and move ahead in your career.

Check out this course at: How To Excel As a Business Analyst